My Journey with Energy Work

After being on the receiving end of Reiki, and knowing firsthand the benefits of this Healing Energy, I knew that I had to do this myself. Once I received my certification in Levels I and II, I started doing Reiki on myself, family members, friends and my dogs. I really felt a “pull” to work more with animals. I would soon get my wish!

A friend’s dog was failing suddenly, and while she was an older dog, was in fairly good health. Kiri was 13, and had a minor heart problem. When her owner found her prostrate, not eating, and depressed, she was very upset.

A trip to the vet concluded that she had an enlarged heart and damaged organs. The vet sent her off with pills and went on vacation! (The vet did not think she would come around.) Now, my friend didn’t just accept this, but decided to try a new vet, and in the meantime, I offered to do a distance session for Kiri (in Scotland). I settled in and did a scan of Kiri’s body, and although her heart looked slightly enlarged, it didn’t look out of the ordinary for an old dog. I did some Reiki, and Kiri had a quick chat with me, telling me that she had no plans on leaving, and would be around for a while longer. I also felt that I couldn’t swallow well and wanted to keep clearing my throat.

Long story short (as much as possible), the new vet said her heart was only slightly enlarged, normal for a dog her age. They ruled out many illnesses, and he thought that maybe bronchitis was the initial cause. The original vet had given her diuretics, thinking it was her heart. This caused an electrolyte imbalance (there is that balance thing!) and once corrected, Kiri was on the mend. Kiri stayed with her family for over a year before crossing to the other side.

Other animals have come to me, and I have worked with dogs that have autoimmune diseases, cataracts, arthritis, separation problems, performance animals, and pregnant animals.

The whole animal (or person) must always be taken into consideration, and what works for one individual, may not work for another.

Since starting with Reiki, I have also had Animal Communication open up to me.

I am also working with Flower Essences, Herbs, aromatherapy, and dowsing.

I have now achieved my Reiki Master Teacher certification and am also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy.

My love of energy work has expanded and am now taking classes to add Medical Intuitive to my “toolbox”.

More About Me

I live with 5 Bearded Collies, and raise and show them. I started in Old English Sheepdogs and had them for almost 25 years as well. Losing a pet is a part of having them. After years of losing dogs to cancer and other illnesses, I started to think that there must be a better way of doing things. I started researching homeopathics and herbs, and read about the overuse of vaccines. While I never push anyone to do exactly as I do, the simple act of adding vitamins and supplements, and perhaps changing to a better food, can start a positive change in a pet. Animals always love energy work as well, and the benefits are wonderful — especially to our older pets.

I love animals, and it is because I do, that I feel the need to help others learn that while we may take care of ourselves in a healthy way, we don’t always think that our pets can benefit from this as well.