Why Choose Animal Communication?

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing an animal communicator.

It can be helpful with a rescued animal, sometimes helping to understand why they are doing certain things, or even to help get a feel for what they have been through.

As an animal ages, they may be able to share with a communicator the aches and pains associated with growing old. Do they need extra supplements or vitamins to help them in any way? Is there an alternative therapy that will benefit?

Bringing in a new pet? It can help to prepare another pet, let them know what is happening, even get their opinion? (Believe me, they have them!!)

As much as we hate to part with our loved ones, communicating with them can help open up a dialog between pet and caregiver. You can find out if they are in pain, do they understand what is happening, are they ready to move on? Sometimes it is the indecision of the whole process that is hard on those of us that will be left behind. Did I do the right thing? Is it the right time? These are questions that can be asked and in most cases, the answers help us with this difficult choice.

We can even talk to them after they are gone, setting our mind at ease, letting us know how they are doing. I have had them share the news of other loved ones that have passed over as well, some who were there to meet them, others just dropping by. Many animals still visit us and isn’t it comforting to know that they check up on us, still watch over us, as they did in physical form?

And sometimes it can just be fun!!

Whatever the reason, know that it can be a valuable tool for you to use.

These pages might offer some insight into the process and what to expect. Remember that each session is a unique experience, tailored to you and your pet.