Reiki and Senior Dogs

Recounted with permission of Karen D’Elia.

Last week, I had contacted Val Maloney to find out if Reiki (energy healing) could help Morgan with healing from Old Dog Vestibular Disease. She indicated that it could help. So I’ve signed up for several sessions for Morgan.

Val gave Morgan a short session while she was in the Hospital last week. I asked Val if there was something Morgan would like to eat, as she hadn’t been eating yet. Val told me that Morgan told her “Vanilla ice cream.” She got the impression that the ice cream was in a bowl, very soft and stirred with a spoon. When I went to see Morgan on Friday, I brought some Carvel vanilla ice cream (soft serve). She seemed very excited to get the ice cream and had a few licks.

Today, Val gave Morgan another session of Reiki, concentrating on balance and grounding. She said Morgan wanted to say thank-you for taking good care of her. And she wanted vanilla yogurt (I don’t remember ever giving her any). Val asked me if Morgan was sleeping on something different… it was soft and blue. We’ve camped out in the family room, and I’ve put down pooch pads for Morgan to sleep on… they are white and blue on the top and blue on the bottom. And they are soft. Whoever said animals don’t see color was wrong.

I bought some vanilla yogurt on my way home from work (it was Jeff’s turn to work from home today). I offered some to Morgan and she seemed happy to get some. I gave her a number of spoonfuls.

Morgan showed some exciting improvement this afternoon. When we had taken her outside other times, Morgan would walk toward her right, resulting in walking in a circle. This afternoon when I took Morgan out, I carried her to a spot in the backyard. She started walking around the yard… in a pretty straight line. So this was amazing! She walked from where I put her down to her favorite look-out by the fence. She walked at a good pace too.

My husband had noticed that when he took her out earlier (also after the Reiki session) that Morgan was walking more straight and going in the direction she wanted rather than toward the right.

This is just amazing. The Reiki session today really helped her and I’m looking forward to the next session.