I did a session for Sherry Morrow after losing her Beardie Kitt. She has given me permission to share it. Kitt’s words are in italics.

Val: I am getting something in the chest area, as my chest feel tighter and it is a little harder to breathe. She chose to leave now, there was cancer starting, I am getting the lung area? It was rare, and it would have been painful to all of you. She wanted to spare you all of that.

Sherry: Please tell her how much we love her and are going to miss her.

“It’s ok. I will miss some physical things too, but you know I am always here. I have a special bond with these people, Mother and Father. I felt more like child to them. They are precious beings.”

Sherry: Would you ask her to come around once in a while if she can? I haven’t felt Murphy or Toby for awhile and I miss them too. I hope she finds them there waiting for her.

“I will come when you need me. I want to be there for you in your work, so make sure I am there. Murphy and Toby are silly boys, they play a lot and forget sometimes. You can ask for them to visit.”

Val: I also see an older woman and man that were there waiting as well.

Sherry: Oh, would you ask if She knew her Daddy was holding her and trying to revive her? I will forever miss my little sheepie chaser. Thank you.

“I knew he was there, but I was above watching (she shows Val this picture) I just want for you not to grieve so much. There is nothing that could be done. We have our special times, and our lessons learned. We have been together before and will be again. Please smile and enjoy what was, but don’t let it stop you from what is to be. I can do more for you and your work on this side, and our spirits will still be together. Much Love and Light always…”