I recently did a session on a lovely Beagle. She has cancer and her care-givers have gone an excellent route & using all of the natural and alternative methods available to them.

As I worked on Bonnie, her wonderful spirit came through so clear to me. Her early life had not been easy, and she so loved being where she was right now. She was in no immediate distress and the energy helped relax and balance her. She let me know that she was ok with how things were going for her. She appreciated all that her loving owners were doing, and truly did treasure each moment.

As I talked with Bonnie’s mother, I let her know all that had come through as I worked on Bonnie. We discussed options, and at some point agreed that Bonnie was right. She was fine. Yes she has cancer, but her spirit is in a wonderful place. She enjoys each day, loves her family and is happy with her life. In true animal fashion, she has no trepidation about going to the other side. It is just another level or plane of existence and she will still be around for her family.

Accepting her as she is, and allowing her to just “BE” will go a long way in helping not only Bonnie, but her owners when the time does come that Bonnie must leave. We can support her with herbs, and homeopathies and energy work, but support is all we can do. It is Bonnie’s body and Bonnie’s journey that SHE has to see through.

I always encourage people to thank animals(or other people) who go through such hard times and remind them that the experience can bring something special into their lives. We learn as we go, and not all lessons are easy.

So today, I thank all those who have left me, those whose journey did not last as long as I would have liked. For what you brought into my life, I am… truly thankful.

Blessings and a Peaceful journey.