Sessions for People


Distance Reiki Session

Stay relaxed in the comfort of your own home while receiving your Healing Reiki Energy. We will coordinate a time and day that is suitable for both of us. Let stress go and work on creating healing and balance in your life. Reiki is especially helpful when people and animals cross over……it eases the Journey for them and provides Peace.

30 Minutes: 45.00

Integrated Energy Therapy

IET can also be done from a distance and help release negative cell memory, replacing it with positive healing energy. A pre-arranged time will be worked out, and then you can relax and begin your journey to wellness.

30 Minutes: 45.00

45 Minutes: 55.00

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Reiki/IET Combination Session

Relax and Release with both Reiki and IET. A wonderful combination to begin your wellness and wholeness journey.

60 Minutes: 65.00

Integrated Energy Therapy Energizer

Once you have had your IET sessions, you may want a quick energizer!
Great way to start the day or perk up during… A prearranged time will be worked out.

10 Minutes: 15.00