Sessions for Animals



Animals love the healing energy of Reiki. Schedule your session for when your animal companion will be at rest. Reiki is helpful for healing and maintaining balance, and it works well with other modalities. Reiki is especially helpful when people and animals cross over……it eases the Journey for them and provides Peace.

15 Minutes: 25.00

30 Minutes: 35.00

Choose session length

Integrated Energy Therapy

Works on the Angelic Realm and releases negative energy, replacing it with healing positive energy. Helpful with rescues and re-homes, etc., as well as with animals who experience fear and other issues.

30 Minutes: 35.00

Combination Session

Some animals (and people) benefit from using multiple therapies in combination. Reiki and IET work well together, and a session can be very healing.

45 Minutes: 50.00

Integrated Energy Therapy Energizer

Once your animal companion has begun the wellness journey, a quick energizer helps to maintain balance and wellness.

10 Minutes: 15.00

Animal Communication
Email Session

Please send animal’s name and description, along with any questions you have. Include a photo if you like.


Quick Animal Communication Session

Ask 3 questions — 25.00

Animal Communication Phone Session

We will coordinate a convenient time. I will need the animal’s name and description beforehand. You may email a photo if you like.

30-45 Minutes: 50.00

Reiki/Animal Communication Combined Session

Sometimes it is helpful to have a short Reiki session, followed by a communication session. It relaxes the animal and allows for a clearer channel, especially if there are issues to be worked out.

40 Minutes: 45.00

If you have two or more animals that you would like read (or worked on) please contact me for pricing.