Who Has the Energy?

(from February 2013)

I talk a lot about doing energy work and energy healing… you hear about it from other people or perhaps see posts on FB. But what IS energy work and when do you need it?

If you remember back to your science classes, everything is made up of energy. Try an experiment… rub your hands together a few times, rubbing briskly. Now slowly move your hands apart, about a foot or so, and gradully push back towards the center. You should feel warmth and even some resistance. You have created an energy ball — see, wasn’t that easy?

There are many types of energy work, but since I do Reiki the majority of the time, I will talk about that.

Reiki was discovered in the early 1900s in Japan by Dr. Usui. It is taught person-to-person, using symbols and attunements. The word “Rei” is interpreted to mean “higher knowledge.” It understands each person individually. The word “Ki” means “life energy.” As long as something is alive, it has life energy.

What does that mean for you and your pet? As your energy flows through your body, think of its path like a river. It has a certain direction and must flow unimpeded to keep things moving, healthy and balanced. Just as logs or debris, etc., can dam up a spot in the river causing it to work harder, or even try to flow in a different direction, it can have the same effect on your body when things aren’t flowing well. In people and animals, stress or illness can cause our energy flow to grow sluggish and not work properly.

There is no “wrong” time to have energy work done. You (or your pet) do not need to be ill to have a session. The best way to STAY healthy is to have regular energy sessions done, to keep your body balanced and flowing as it should be.

Reiki in particular is wonderful for reducing stress, helping to heal faster, balancing the body before and after surgery, reducing the side effects of chemotherapy… well, the list goes on! It is also great for performance dogs, enabling them to deal with the pressure and demands of all that work.

Reiki, as in a lot of types of energy work, can be done from a distance. The energy always knows where to go. Reiki also does no harm, and can be used if you are on medications, etc., it will not hurt or interfere with them in any way.

So think about getting some energy work done soon — it can’t hurt! Stay Healthy and Balanced.

My Annual Christmas Story

And it passed that three kings, after consulting with their seers and astrologers, decided to journey to a far off land, to follow a star. This is known.

What is not known is that there was a King visiting from a land even farther. A land of mountains and mist; legend and lore. A thirst for knowledge had led him this far. He insisted on accompanying the other Kings.

The journey was long and tiring. But they did not waiver in their mission. To pass the time, the visiting king told tales of his wondrous country, of great feats and the strength and honor of his people. The mountains and castles and deep lakes seemed too wonderous to believe. The other Kings told of their countries as well, but the visiting King knew in his heart that his was best.

After a time, they began to see the star more clearly and a sense of anticipation started stirring among them. While rumors of a new king had been heard, they knew not what awaited them, but could sense its importance.

At last, in the clear cool night, the star seemed to stop and shine over a small stable. Cattle and sheep resided peacefully together, as well as the sheep and donkeys. As they approached, they could see a young couple, the wife cradling an infant in swaddling cloth. There appeared to be a glow around them and a sense of peace and wonder filled the small stable.

Tears streaming from their faces, the Kings kneeled in respect and love. There was no doubt that this would be their King! The Three Kings brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, all precious and rare.

The visiting King was moved and ashamed that he had brought no gift. Just then a cold nose nudged his hand. Looking down, he saw his faithful companion looking up at him with wise, worldly eyes. He nodded and disappeared for a moment. When he came back he held a small bundle. He approached the young King and offered the tiny bundle of black and white fur. Kneeling down, he gazed at the infant and said, “I offer you a gift that is priceless as well. In my land we have a wonderful creature that is guardian, companion, counselor, and friend. They are prized above all else. Treat them well and they will never leave your side.”

With that, he set the little pup down and stood back with the three Kings. The pup slowly walked up to the new King and gazed at him sleeping. He gently gave the babe a kiss and curled up next to the manger.

Some will dispute how long the Bearded Collie has been around. Others will just smile knowingly and nod.

What’s in YOUR Cupboard?!

(from September 2012)

OK, I was slightly ripping off the “what’s in your wallet” commercial. But it got me to thinking about what I keep on hand and hate to run out of.

Today I will run down some things that might not seem the usual “doggie” items, but have come through in flying colors when I have needed them.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar! The best is organic, and I use it for just about anything. Most of the time I mix it using a 50/50 dilution with water. One of mine here used to get yeast infections in her ears all the time. Once I started cleaning her ears with a cotton ball dipped in this solution, she never had another ear infection. Same dog, she used to get stressed and develop hot spots. I would put the mixture in a spray bottle and use that two or three times a day. Took care of those very nicely. As she has gotten older, she hasn’t had these problems, but I always have the bottle at the ready. You can spritz down your doggies to keep fleas and other little beasties away, or use it as a final rinse after a bath too. ACV is very beneficial taken internally as well. Start with a little in the water (mine won’t drink it, the snobs) but I add a little into the food. There is tons of research out there, so check around.
  2. Gold Bond Medicated Powder. Love this stuff, and you can use a generic brand. I have used this on sore spots also, when I wanted the area to stay dry (sometimes after the ACV), for feet in the wet season (I have one who laps her feet when wet and this seemed to take care of that), on “boy” areas, as an ear powder… well, you get the idea.
  3. Rescue Remedy. Sometime I will do an overall post on flower essences, but right now let’s keep it simple. This is a flower essence made by the Bach people and it is wonderful for many things. I prefer the spray bottle, but you can get the ones with a little dropper too. I find that with animals, it is easier to spray, because you can just get the air around them and it helps. Great for trauma, stress, grief, anxiety, etc. I sometimes spray the crate before a dog travels and then the dog itself. It is gentle and relaxing and does not interfere with anything that an animal (or person) may be taking. One little bottle can last a while, so that’s helpful. In an emergency situation you can also use it every half hour for a few hours with no problems.
  4. Slippery Elm Capsules. I get these at the natural food store or online in the people section. These are very nice for soothing tummies and the intestinal tract. I just throw a capsule into the food and that’s it. Even after a problem has been resolved, these will start the healing process and make sure things get back to normal.
  5. Cranberry. I have girl dogs, and we know where we are going with that! I found a simple cran cap with added vitamin C and I usually throw that in the girls’ food once a day. Maintenance is what works best for me, and the only time I seem to have an issue is when I run out and forget to pick up more caps. There are powders and other things available, so find what works best for you.

So this is a start on my cupboard. Next time I will tell you all about the homeopathic stuff I have and the other little goodies stored away. Good health and doggy hugs!

The Real “Scoop”

(from July 2012)

OK, not the usual subject, but I do see things differently (lol)….

What I have Learned From Scooping Poop…..

Pay attention to what is right in front of you. Sometimes when we start thinking too far ahead, we miss the little things that are with us every day. (or that you step in)

Not every job is glamorous, but they still need to be done. Take each task as it comes and the job will be over that much sooner. If you race to get a job done, you are going to miss something. This will come back to haunt you later (like at night, when you have to chase somebody in the house and step in a not-so-good place). Take your time, and make sure everything is done in a way that makes you feel satisfied. Sometimes you step in it!

Whether it’s at home, work, or play… you did something or said something that you wish you could un-do. Well, it stinks, so get it over with. Clean up the mess, apologize where needed and move on. Standing there in that mess, wondering what you can do, only makes it worse.

Having the right tools can make any job easier. Make sure you plan ahead, research what you need and then plunge ahead. Being prepared is essential (I think all of my pockets have little bags in them!) and you will feel great when you are not floundering around, at a loss as to how to proceed.

Make the decision to enjoy what you are doing. You may not be in love with your job or the task at hand, but make the best of it. Time will go faster, you will feel better, and you may discover that you don’t mind it quite that much.

If it helps, use this time to remember that fun time you had with your loved ones, sing a song, recite poetry (g), or just enjoy being outside (or wherever you may be). Attitude is everything and when we make up our minds to be happy, we open up a world of light and love to come our way.

EVERY JOB IS IMPORTANT! Thank you to those that get up at the crack of dawn (or earlier) to do things we would rather not do. Thank you to garbage men, shift workers, etc. I appreciate all that you do.

Remember, YOU are important. Have fun. I know, I know… sometimes things are messy, or you’re in a bad mood or whatever. Try your best, that’s all we can ask.

Those left behind…

(from June 2012)

With so many losses in our family this past month, it has made me think back on the animals that have gone to the Bridge.

Being the one left behind is hard. Your constant companion is no longer there, the emptiness seems a solid thing. I have had dogs that left slowly and ones that left quickly…the pain is the same.

What I can offer is a little wisdom that I have heard… not from one animal, but from all that have left this plane. Animals don’t view this world as that different from the next one. True, the physical body is not there, but they don’t consider that a hindrance! They do enjoy the physical world – who doesn’t love a good romp in the grass or a belly rub? But they understand that Spirit is where we all really reside, and that doesn’t go away.

I have talked with animals that have passed and their personalities come through as strongly as they did in the physical form. They still visit their families, take part in celebrations and work to comfort the ones that are left behind.

Our job is to listen, to be open to the possibilities, to trust that we ARE hearing them, or feeling their presence near us as we sit in that favorite chair.

As I was finishing up a session, talking to a lovely dog that had passed, she wanted to let her family know one thing – I am still here. Talk to me, I’ll hear you, walk with me, I will be there beside you and when you need comfort- I will lay with you.

We hope this helps and that you carry these words in your heart.

Tails of an Animal Communicator

I was sitting, reading, when my dog Cher came and stood in front of me, wagging her tail. After a few minutes, I looked at her and said, “Would you like a drink of water?” She bounced towards her bowl, and got her drink. She did these things often, and without realizing it, this was my first experience with animal communication.

Has this ever happened to you? Chances are, your animal is trying to tell you something (besides “give me more treats!”) Animals communicate silently all the time. We have the ability to do this as well; we just need more practice.

Try this game with one of your pets — sit quietly and try to empty your mind. Picture in your mind a favorite toy of his, and see him picking it up and bringing it to you. It takes practice, but you will be surprised at the results. How does your animal know you are coming home from work long before your car turns down your street? Have you thought of him as you neared home, wondering what he has been up to? It is really all about sending pictures through the air; your very own TV sets! While fun, it is also helpful and can really deepen a bond between pet and caregiver.

In the years since my first “communication,” I have expanded my “animal talk,” and what a trip it has been! I have been privileged to talk with so many wonderful pets, helped them as they crossed to the other side, eased fears, cried with them as they worked through their problems, and laughed with their pure joy of being alive. They are wise, silly, happy, angry, etc, just as we are. What a shame it would be if they didn’t get to share that with us.

Trust in what you receive, and rejoice in the fact that you are sharing your life with someone who loves you, no matter what!